Luv Cutz

Day Seven of Seven Days of Love:

If luv cutz like ev’ry
other emotion how can we
ev’r know when luv
shows up disguised as
some other emotion? If luv cutz
when I reach out to touch it
why would I choose to still call
it luv? If luv drops me once I choose
to fall, maybe it wasn’t ever love at all.

Peace & Love,

love cutz three

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Dating Game(s)

Day Six of Seven Days of Love:

Things I think about on a lonely afternoon:
How easy it is to fall asleep beside you.
How lying in your arms must be
What it felt like to rest in my mother’s
Arms as a newborn.
How some nights I crawl under my covers
To hide while I read a book
But now I’d rather listen to you
Getting lost in worlds your words create.
How connected I feel to you
We give truth to the re-connection of parted
Souls. What we have together is soul-true,
Not just another Dating Game episode.
How the days seem to run together, indistinguishable
And it’s okay because in all the run-together days
I can find you embedded in them
Even if sometimes it’s only in my mind.
How it’s because of you that I learned
Not to take God’s blessings for granted
Or the slanting of the Universe to make
One of my dreams come true.
How I learned the cost of choosing to
Value a heart that continues to trust
In feelings that don’t need the presence
Of words.
How paying attention –really beginning to see–
Helped me see who is truly hearing me.
How you gave me the heart and the chance
To experience time flowing like a river
It’s constantly moving, it’s not just an illusion,
But still I learned to keep swimming.
Because one day time will stop and
The river will stop flowing
And these will just be the things I was thinking
On a lonely afternoon. And good-bye will be words
That never got a chance to be spoken
Imploring me to live my life running away from
My fears when I could be lying in your dreams,
Living in your arms, Living with your words.

Peace & Love,


The Dating Game

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Love Beyond Words

Day Five of Seven Days of Love:

I want to love you without words
Words do have power beyond measure
But I need to go beyond just saying
I love you.

I want you to know that men
Have feelings too and I’m feeling
Something deeply for you. I want to open
My heart and soul to you. I want to
Taste everything about you.
Leave a trail of my smile
From your mind to your lips
To the little dent between your thighs.

I want to eat your words
Run a finger down the spine
Of your desire. I want you.
I need you. I love you.
But words will never be enough to
Show that to you.

I see the glinting edge of doubt
Shining in your eyes when I tell you
I love you. And that’s why I need to love you
Beyond mere words. I want to swim in the
Deep end of your doubt until I prove to you
That I’m not like the others who tried to break you.

I want to lasso the shards of your shattered heart
And put it back together piece by piece.
I won’t tell you I love you
I want to show you. Listen to my heart,
It beats only for you. Close your eyes while I
Count to three and when you finally let go
I want you to trust in me that I’ll catch you
When you fall. You’ll never fall alone
As long as I….I won’t say the words
I’ll show you.

Can words alone bear the truth
Of all that I’m feeling for you?
Can you hear me say I —- you
And know that I listen to you and imagine
A hundred different ways I can swim
In the essence of you? Can you hear
Mere words and know that I choose
To never live another day without you?

I want to love you beyond words.
Whisper all your secrets to my longing soul
Allow them to create a path we can travel
And go deeper together. I want to —- you
And I choose to. But I’m going to do it
Without words because I do love you
And that means more to me than any words
Could ever say.

Peace & Love,

love in words

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Day Four of Seven Days of Love:

I fell in love with
your words and that’s when I knew
I couldn’t live without you.

I craved your touch and
that’s when I knew I would
love you forever.

I carved a space for you
in my heart and that’s how I know
I’ll always need you.

I want to impregnate you
with all the ways I love you.
To erase the look of doubt
that comes into your eyes
when I promise you
I’ll never let you go.

I want to slip inside you
and completely cover you
so you never feel you mean
less than you do to me.

You are my world and
I will carefully hold and
balance you. Forever.

Peace & Love,

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What is Love?

Day Three of Seven Days of Love:

For the first time in my life
I will admit it:
I don’t know what love is.

I imagine it must be like
Getting carried away
By the wind & laughing
Instead of crying when you admit
You don’t know
Where you will land.

Maybe it’s the act of
Examining your own soul
Finding places where
Footsteps have trod
Feeling relief to know
You were nice enough
To take your shoes off, so
You’d leave a path
To my heart
And that’s all.

Love could be deciding to
Release all preconceived beliefs
In order to fully embrace
The person you see
Standing before you. And embracing
New ways of seeing things
Because for once
You finally feel like you’re living
And not just breathing
Which is nothing more than a cold
Mechanical function of the body.

Or maybe love is as simple as
Falling asleep knowing
I will see you tomorrow
I will talk to you &
We’ll share smiles & space
We’ll touch when we speak
Touching with hands & words
Feeling calm in our own skin
Because there’s no other place
We’d rather be
Than with each other.

And for the first time
Not having to think about
Who I am so I can
Transform to who you
Want me to be.

Maybe love is a wrecking ball
That destroys walls erected to
Protect a heart that no longer
Needs protecting.

Peace & Love,

question marks

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At First Glance

Day Two of my Seven Days of Love:

At first glance I knew
I wanted her to be mine
I didn’t want to own her
Just to own her love

Almost immediately
I wanted to be the reason
why she would smile
early in the morning
even though she’s not a
morning person.

I knew instantly
that I wanted to spend every day
learning more about her
as we would talk over dinner.

On that first day
with that one first glance
I knew
we’d one day stare up into a sky
full of stars
and with only words
I would build a floor
for us
to dance among the stars
And she’d follow me
even though she’s afraid
of heights.

With just one look
I knew God
created her for me
and that she’d hear
my soul speaking before
I could open my mouth.

With just one glance I knew
I would never let her go.
And this was before
I’d even said hello.

Peace & Love,


at first glance

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Can I Taste You?

Beginning seven days of love:

Can I taste you?
Can I feel the girth
and weight of you
tickling the back of my throat?
Can I caress you with my tongue
feeling the velvet of your skin
against the tip of my tongue
leaving a trail along the surface
as I take all of you in
starting with your name.
I will start with tender kisses
dropping them on every line and curve
of first your name, then your body.
The switch up will be so quick
it might un-nerve you at first.
But this is something I’ve been
preparing for all my life
so I’ll go slowly. At first.

Can I taste you?
Can I caress the letters
of your name like
cubes of ice
feeling the warmth
of your lips finally meeting mine?

Our souls will continue
the dance
started so long ago
while our bodies play
catch up.

Can I taste you?
Can I know what it’s like
to be engulfed
in all of you
one toasted coconut bite of you
at a time?

Can I taste you?

Peace & Love,

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Be Present

Be Present!

How often has someone been talking to you and instead of listening you were planning how you would reply or thinking about what you were planning to cook for dinner that evening or thinking about something else altogether different than what the person was saying to you? You know, you just weren’t present in the moment. Think about how much it would mean to that person who’s speaking to you if you would choose to be present in that moment and actually hear what is being said to you.

That’s an important life lesson and also important in writing. I’m currently taking the online James Patterson Masterclass for fiction writing. I was hesitant about paying to take the class because I didn’t really see how I’d get anything useful out of the class. I expected it to be just a lot of Richard Simmons-type inspiration. You can do it! Rah, rah, rah! And for the most part, that’s what it is. It’s pretty much listening to James Patterson talk about what works for him with a bit of sage wisdom sprinkled in throughout the video “lectures.”

Well, one of the things Mr. Patterson says that he has to do is consistently remind himself to be present in the scenes when he’s writing, to put himself right there in the thick of things with his characters. Sometimes, as writers we may think we’re there with our characters because we’re engaged in the act of writing. But just because we’re writing doesn’t mean we’re present. It’s just like that person who’s talking to you while you’re planning your dinner menu in your head. When we write like that, we cheat our characters and our readers. So, I’ve adopted Mr. Patterson’s strategy for reminding himself to be present when he’s writing. One of the things he does is simply write along the top of the page: Be present. It’s a reminder to stay with his characters as he writes so the reader will stay with the character while they’re reading.

So, maybe the money I spent for the Masterclass was money well spent after all. I guess I’ll see how things go. I’m not even halfway finished with the course. But I’m always reminding myself to be present when I write. And, who knows, maybe that’s a lesson that will spill over to other parts of my life.

Peace & Love,

be present

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Distorted Memories

I stepped through to the other side
walked right through the looking glass
trying to find my family

I found my grandmother, recognized her
right away. I’d seen pictures of her
but she’d never seen any of me.

We were like distant strangers
converging on a moment in time and
after we’d spent hours talking
she smiled the strange smile of remembering.

“I feel as if though I’ve known you all my life.”

And her words felt to me
like lying across grandma’s lap in summertime or
being held near grandma’s bosom listening
while she sings to me, songs her mother
used to sing to her. I felt the weight of history
in the lyrics of her songs.

But one day the mirror shimmered.
Grandma looked at me like the stranger I was.

“What are you doing sitting on me?
Would you get up off me please?”
I stretched my body up toward the sky
so I could kiss her cheek
and slid away with all her other
distorted memories.

Peace & Love,



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Crossed Wires, Crossed Lives

I usually try to avoid posting twice in one day, but, eh, what the hell?

There’s a world of difference between loving a person and valuing them. I could value your contributions to an overall effort without loving you. And I can love you because I do, without necessarily valuing you because maybe there’s some part of you I disagree with. Either way, there’s a difference between the two.

I read an article last week, one of those first-person point of view articles, where a man discussed why a man will leave a woman he loves. The most important thing, the author wrote, was value. A man has to see value for you in his life. That stuck with me because I came to this conclusion a while ago about romantic relationships, period. To make a long story short, I was in a relationship with a person who loved me but did not value me. So, he liked having me around but he didn’t give a damn about necessarily keeping me around. This caused us to have many arguments about the same thing over and over again. My most embarrassing moment from that relationship involved us playing bits of songs for each other. I chose songs that were about real love and commitment and, well, he chose songs about differences and how sometimes they can be too much to overcome. In other words, I was arguing for our relationship and he was arguing against it. Sadly, I didn’t leave after that. But, thankfully, I did eventually. And in one of those “I see you Universe” twist of fates, he claimed to see value in me after I left him and wanted me to give him another chance. I couldn’t though because I didn’t see him the same. I wasn’t willing to fight for us anymore. I’d fought so long alone that I was worn out.

Madea said it best when she said, we mess up when we commit to people we never were intended to be with. We earn our badges of honor, going through the fires of hell alone, with someone who could take us or leave us. So, I’ve been meditating today on the way lives cross and wires cross creating chaos in the place where love was once thought to reside and came up with the poetic exchange below. Of course, the Mysterious Poet Dude contributed his two cents.

He said:
I’d never hurt you
She said:
You’re hurting me now.
He said:
Pain ignites your Hope.
She said:
Pain steals my Hope.
He said:
Hope denies death by blind Faith.
She said:
But you’re hurting me still.
He said:
I hope you’re happy because
you are the magic
in which I believe.
She said:
I looked at you & saw magic
I had no idea your greatest act
would be to Disappear.
He said:
When a person shows you
who they are, believe them.
Where am I now?
Lost within a thought of what
could’ve been, trying to catch
up to what’s losing me.
She said:
My soul reached out to you, tried
to hold you, was confused when you
turned away. What else could I do
but turn away too?
He said:
Love is our chaos. Chaos is
our life. What is normal? Btw
who came up with that word in the
first place? Are any of us normal?
Or should we just call everyone chaos?
She said:
Loving you was never chaos because
it was so easy to do. Loving you
gave my heart reason to beat, my
words reason to be spoken, my eyes
a reason to see.
He said:
And the hurt you feel now
is not from the Love thief.
It’s hurt that comes from your very
existence, gives you the ability to pour
your vivid soul into the pool of life
as you live to speak about your
intimate experience with a love searching
to be shared while constantly being
disrupted by the timekeeper of your insanity.
She said:
Could this be an illusion then, the
vision I see of the timekeeper of insanity
strangling me, leaving me struggling to
breathe and wondering if time is running
out for me?

Peace & Love,

P.S. Hug someone you love tonight and let them know you love them. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us though we always like to live like we have forever. Do it for me, okay? Okay.

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