The Most Beautiful Lie

The most beautiful lie
is the one that
never feels like a lie

Sometimes there are no words
to replace what’s been lost as a
beautiful lie exposed becomes truth

But the beauty of the lie
makes it impossible to regret;
every smile every sigh every exhale

Belongs in the world of the beautiful lie
without shame without denial where

Words once were poetry and smiles were
1980s love songs; how easy it was to get lost
how easy it was to not be found

Out. That’s the beauty of a lie that doesn’t
feel like it at the time. You can look back
on it without sorrow because

The most beautiful lie
is one that
never feels like a lie.

Peace & Love,

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We thought we’d finally
found love. Our delusions
made us easy prey. Pray
that when this is all over we
will still believe. We
will still long to feel love
in our bones, love with no
coverups. Naked.
The kind of love that
doesn’t strike out at you
like a copperhead snake,
leaving you thinking you’re
dying inside when you’re only
living. Prey.

Peace & Love,

P.S. Happy National Poetry Month!

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A New Birth

The miracle of
birth. Watching love give birth to
hate. Breathtaking lies.

Peace & Love,

Happy National Poetry Month, Day 15

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Less than 24 hours ago, two sisters were killed by the husband of one of the women. Two days before that, a school teacher and one of her students was killed by her husband. A day before that another woman was killed by her ex-husband. Twenty-four hours ago, a man’s body was found in the street. His wife or girlfriend was arrested. Twenty people per minute are reportedly (reported) abused by an intimate partner. Why? Why? Why?


I cannot decipher messages in the clouds but
I am learning to interpret the meanings relayed
through scars. A story for every scar even the
ones covering the heart. The ones you think
no one can see because like a masterful artist
you’ve learned to hide the ones covering your body.

I hear you telling the untold stories whenever we
are together. The words deftly concealed in every
sigh, in every tear you manage to keep from crying,
in every effort you make to hide behind a façade of
plastic smiles.

Who told you that love was supposed to
leave scars on the heart? Or just scars?

Who told you that love wasn’t supposed to be

Is there some riddle that must be unraveled, an
equation to be solved to explain why women
are being murdered as such an exasperating rate?

We, like fallen soldiers, perishing in a war, a search
to find love. Trying to piece together broken hearts with
tears. Holding on to broken pieces that, like glass, hurt us
until we can’t help crying.

Who told you that discarding piece of yourself to accommodate
someone else was love? Who told you that to compromise in
love means to fill up the empty parts of yourself with
someone else?

I speak many languages, but mostly the language of love.
I will hold you here until the bruises are gone. I will hold you
here until you know that it isn’t love that hurts, it’s the absence
of love that’s staring you in your face becoming more and more
angry because you want to walk away.

Peace & Love,

P.S. Love doesn’t hurt. Don’t believe the hype. When you are truly loved, you are valued and you will never have to question whether you are loved. If someone is hurting you, leave. You can get over a heartbreak, but your family will never get over losing you if you are killed by someone who claimed to love you and you knew all along that it was never love. Love yourself first.

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Whispered Memories

I hear you whisper memories in my ear
like death you will not go away. I press
the pause button continuously but still
your words vibrate in my ear, a nonstop loop
of promises you never could keep. Poetry is not
an apology. Love is not obligation. And illusions
can never be real.  But imaginings can continue to live
even as your words are lost to me like gilded
dreams caught up in a springtime wind storm.

Have you ever witnessed the moon kissing the sea?
Have you ever once wished you knew how to read my
poetry?  Have you ever wanted to catch a falling star
with your bare hands? Have you ever tried to unravel
the mystery of love? Have you ever shivered from only
the memory of love’s first kiss or a first love?

I imagine your words dancing in the wind like fallen
leaves and I wish I could remember the melody so
that I could dance along too. And there will be times when I remember
the steps of the dance but I will choose to free fall in the dried leaves of
words that long ago lost their true meaning.

Peace & Love,

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The Flat Tire

Sometimes a black bodied woman is just a woman
no menace no slut no thug no whore no bitch but
a poet who wrestles with a world that seeks to define her
using the words she so values and where does that
leave her but alone and ashamed too embarrassed to
admit that words have power like a double-edged sword
and you’re damn near killing her with your words

This morning I had the clever idea that I would dress
in a way to fight off all of your offensive words I
looked in the mirror and plastered on my fake smile
with my makeup practiced responding to unwanted
attention with soft and feminine responses so I wouldn’t
be called a bitch for simply resting my face while I
revel in my own thoughts then I had to figure out what to
wear and I couldn’t decide between my university sweatshirt
or the work hoodie with the name of the school where I work
and a skirt the long one that doesn’t show my knees or the
dress I wear to church or my camo jeans with the loop
for my hunting knife the one I bought for protection
against men who cannot be satiated with a fake smile and
nod hello or my backpack the one that’s heavy with books
I’ve already read or a tank top wanting to dress for the
weather but I looked at my arms and tried to figure if they
were too muscular or too flabby dressing for this world
is tiring so I figured the best thing to do: wear it all

But then my car got a flat and I was stuck by the side of the
road and I realized I forgot to put on the voice that makes me sound
white when I’m talking on the phone and getting down on my
knees to change my own tire makes me look like even less of a
woman than you imagine me being and tomorrow my arms will
be sore because those nuts are tightened  so that only a man
can undo them because any woman who knows how to carry
herself and how to submit to a man can find her a man and if
you don’t have one well it’s your own fault and sometimes
you just have to understand that a man will be a man and don’t
call him out when he treats you bad because then you’ll make
him look bad not feel bad and there’s a difference but
none of that explains why you left me by the side of the road
with a flat tire and a broken stud with the nut still locked on or
why you didn’t realize that sometimes a black woman is just
a woman and sometimes a woman is just walking down to the
end of the block to get the name of the street so she knows
the exact intersection of the place where she finally lost and
found herself and where she realized that no amount of clothes
can get you to see she’s not who you want her to be

Peace & Love,

Happy second day of poetry month loves! And good news: two of my poems are in the spring edition of African Voices magazine. Here’s a link to the magazine here.  Check it out. The spring issue is full of dynamic poetry and stories and art.

Happy reading!

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Hold My Hand

hold my
hand. Take me
where you go.
But don’t let
go of my hand.
Where you go
I will follow.
I will close my
eyes, take a deep
breath, inhale
your scent
your smile
your spirit.
My only prayer
will be:

hold my
hand. Let’s
sway to the music
of our beating
hearts, a love like
no other. A love
like this frightens
me, but I will not
falter in my steps.
I will follow
where you lead.
My only prayer
will be:

hold my
hand. Hold me
and I will
hold you.
Not too tight
to smother
but tight enough
to let you know
that it is my
prayer that I
am the answer
to all your
as you are
the answer to

Peace & Love,

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The Principal

For her. I apologize for not being there to save you.

Locked in a tight space
the two of us together

Power & Submission, sentries
that stand guard. But they’re not
there to watch over me.

He touched me & no one flinched
but me. I screamed but he pushed the
screams back down my throat with his cock.

He used it to shut me up, suffocated me
with his need. I shook my head.

He told me, “You’re so pretty.”
Then he broke me, so many pieces on the
floor, who would stoop to pick them up?

I shook my head, drank in my own tears
while he used my fears to fuck me.

I just wanted it to be over. I told him no
but he continued to take me into his office
where no one could see. And he. Fucked. Me.

Why did no one try to save me?

Why do you demand that I have the
strength of a man just because he chose
to rape me? Did you not hear my screams?

Later on, in the hall, he smiled at me
and I knew the call would come again
but I didn’t know when. All I did know

Was that I only wanted it to be over
but it never will be over. The call will come
again and again no one will save me.

Peace & Love,

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I’m in Love

They wouldn’t believe me if I told them
so I mostly don’t tell them a thing about
how I feel, instead I hold my words close
to my breast, close to my heart.

I’m in love.

And I know you saw that look in my eyes
when we last talked about love and I know you
saw that book on my shelf, the one titled
f**ck love & I know you’ve heard me at night
spilling tears on my pillow over some
love that got lost along the way.

And I know you wouldn’t believe me if
I told you that I am in love, but really I am.
You can trust me. It’s love I’m feeling.

In the morning the sun tickles my back, its
finger draws an invisible line & I relax
my body presses into the body of the stranger
lying in bed beside me. They’re all strangers
And I’m in love. I’m always in love.

I feel you breathing, exhaling, sighing
beside me and I want to know more
about you, but you don’t talk much when
you’re awake.

It’s enough to know you’ll be there
to feel your breath against my neck
to exist in these fragile moments
with you.

And when you whisper my name against
my neck, I know for sure like I’ve never known
before, that yes, I am. I’m in love.

Peace & Love,


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I Ain’t Sorry For Nothing I Done

I ain’t sorry for
nothing I
done, that’s what
your eyes
tell me
Draw me into
about slow shower
dances, deep belly
laughs, flirty glances,
a blossoming romance
that split me open
to the core
like an apple
exposed                    again
is this love

Love me more
as I love you

Standing under stars
listening to the
sky as it speaks
whispers our names
like a dream
tears like falling stars
being embraced
by the night
the cold makes me
Is that sound
echoing through the
your heart or mine
beating away the
darkness, the shroud
of loneliness
a life without you

I ain’t sorry for
nothing I
done, your eyes
tell me and I
agree more

Peace & Love,

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